DBR = Dumbbell Bench Rack.  This patented piece of equipment changed the way I use dumbbells in my workout routine.   Executing a proper dumbbell bench press safely was a myth at my old gym. Working out with dumbbells gave you minor inconveniences like headphones getting ripped out of your ears; to major injuries like a torn rotator cuff.  Starting your dumbbell bench press has never been easy. I always found myself weighing the options: Great health benefits from dumbbell lifts? -OR- Do I  really want to go through the struggle of trying to use dumbbells?  This is why I created the Dumbbell Bench Rack.  With some help from close friends at the gym, we were able to weld some large metal plates to an old workout rack.  With the plates,  dumbbell bench press was easier. 

Fast forward to 2017, and after many modifications, The Dumbbell Bench Rack was born!  Now, I can do dumbbell exercises without high risk of injury.

The DBR Concept

You can now do more than just dumbbell bench press with our racks.  We keep the name “DBR” as a staple concept of the company. The DBR has evolved into representing our obsession with consolidating your workout space.  Doing the most amount of work possible in the space that is available to you-That is the DBR Concept.  From lifting weights to storing them, we utilize the DBR. We at Vance are constantly innovating around the DBR to bring the best workout experience possible.

US Patent # 10,105,582 B1  10/23/2018