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Dumbell Assist Plates

Dumbell Assist Plates

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If you have used dumbbells at any point in time, then you know how much of a struggle it can be.  It can be a hassle to do any dumbbell lifts on a bench. The risk to reward has always been outweighed with heavy risk for injury on almost all dumbbell press movements.  You have seen people starting their seated dumbbell press exercises with what looks like a “hunched over” dead-lift that leads into a “rocking back” power-clean!  Our patented Dumbbell Assist Plates will completely change your outlook on dumbbell exercises.  With an easy start and finish, the Dumbbell Assist Plates eliminate a ton of wasted movement, wasted energy, and risk of injury.  The Dumbbell Assist Plates will guarantee an increase in strength when utilized. Lets bring as many dumbbell exercises as we can to the forefront of lifting.

We offer UHMW Protective Plastic for both sizes of the Dumbbell Assist Plates.

What Is UHMW Protective Plastic? Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. It is the highest quality polyethylene available, engineered for tough jobs and a wide range of applications. It delivers savings in a number of difficult applications. This will extend the life of everything in the impact zone.

4mm Plates have a recommended weight capacity of ~100lbs per plate.

6mm Plates have a recommended weight capacity of at least 400lbs.

US Patent # 10,105,582 B1

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