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Olympic Barbell: The Tusk

Olympic Barbell: The Tusk

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The Tusk is one of Vance Fitness’s top rated specialty barbells. The hard chrome finish gives your barbell great protection against rusting and corrosion. The needle bearings and bushings make this barbell spin at an astonishing rate to protect your wrists from inertia. However, this barbells hardness allows for high level Power Lifting as well as Olympic. The Tusk’s PSI rating of 230,000 will allow you to maximize your workload without risking damage to your barbell.  The Tusk lives up to its name in durability and in toughness.

Bar: Solid Steel
Bar Finish: Hard Chrome
Bar Length: 86.6″
Grip Diameter: 28mm
Sleeve Finish: Hard Chrome
Sleeve Diameter: 2″
Sleeve Load ability: 16.35″
Center Knurl: Yes
Weight: 20KG
Max Load: 2000lbs
Spin: Bushings and Bearings
Knurl Texture: Medium
PSI Tensile Strength 230,000
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