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The Stinger

The Stinger

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The Stinger is one of the best beginner specialty barbells around. Its medium knurl texture is perfect for helping you maintain your grip during your lifts. The barbell’s specialty is bench press and deadlifts, because it does not have a center knurl. The bushings keep the barbell sleeves from gaining to much spin which is perfect for your static power lifts.

Bar: Japanese Cold Rolled Steel
Bar Finish: Silver Zinc
Bar Length: 86.6″
Grip Diameter: 28.5
Sleeve Finish: Silver Zinc
Sleeve Diameter: 2″
Sleeve Load ability: 15″
Center Knurl: No
Weight: 20kg
Max Load: 1500lbs
Spin: Bushings
Knurl Texture: Medium
PSI Tensil Strength 132,000
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