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Women's Olympic Barbell: The Huntress

Women's Olympic Barbell: The Huntress

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The Huntress is our first women’s specialty barbell. A high-quality barbell that can put up with whatever you want to throw at it. The Huntress is designed to withstand the highest intensity Olympic lifting. The needle bearings help the sleeves spin at a very high rate, which protects yours wrists from inertia during Olympic lifts. Having a smooth knurling texture helps keep your hands from blistering during high intensity exercises. The PSI tensile rating of The Huntress is 165,000, so she will not bend easily.

Bar: Solid Steel
Bar Finish: Black Zinc
Bar Length: 78.5″
Grip Diameter: 25mm
Sleeve Finish: Chrome
Sleeve Diameter: 2″
Sleeve Load ability: 13″
Center Knurl: no
Weight: 15kg
Max Load: 750lbs
Spin: Bronze Bushing and Needle Bearing
Knurl Texture: Smooth
PSI Tensile Strength 165,000
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